Sector One signs Megastitut

For months we have been wondering what would happen to Megastitut, as the team was not signed by any organisation. Well, it's now done! Sector One, the Belgian structure, has just announced the signing of the French roster.

Let's go back a few months, when the team and the players were still unknown to the general public. No one would have bet on them when big names like Team Vitality, Team BDS or EXCEL were also participating in the Open Tour France. However, Megastitut beat all the predictions and defeated all these big teams in turn. We remember the defeat inflicted on Vitality over Haven, 13-1. The roster also beat EXCEL 3-0 in the Spring Split Grand Final. A totally unexpected performance that surprised many.

Following this victory, the team started looking for a structure to support them. However, as the months went by, no opportunity presented itself to them despite the fact that they were among the best in Europe. With time, some players left the roster to shine on their own, as it is notably the case for keloqz, who now plays in VCT for G2 Esports.

Today, remain from the original roster only iDex, Goaster and Shin. The three players have continued to evolve together, welcoming to their ranks KONEQT and MARCTYLINHO. It is with them that they will now play for Sector One, the Belgian organisation having announced that it has recruited the roster. Although they have made a name for themselves on League of Legends, they are now coming to Valorant and are ready to fight.

In addition to having finally found an organisation, the team will have the opportunity to show what it can do by playing in the Valorant Regional League France and playing against some of the best French teams, such as Vitality, BDS or OG. This will bring back memories.

Will she be able to surprise us again despite some changes in the roster? See you on 15th February to find out.