Qualify for the Challengers thanks to Premier in Valorant

From 2024, Valorant Premier mode will be an integral part of the Valorant professional circuit. We already knew that it would allow players to qualify for the Challengers, but Riot Games hadn't yet sent us all the details. terms and conditions of participation. It is now a done deal.

First is a competitive mode internal to Valorantwhich differs from Classified games. It is aimed more at players who want to go professional, or at least experience competition in an even more serious way. Any player who wants to can take part in Premier mode by joining or creating their own team, as long as their account meets the eligibility criteria. You can find all the information you need at our guide to Premier mode.

With Premier, Riot Games wants to offer a unique opportunity to reach the next level. As a result, it will be used to qualify for the Challengers from next year onwards. As we saw in a previous article on the VCLs schedule for 2024Qualification will normally be via two promotional tournaments.

Schedule for the Valorant Challengers 2024 - Two new promotional tournaments have been added.
Annual schedule of Challengers in 2024

Today, Riot Games explains that first qualify for the Contender Division of Premier, to be eligible for these famous promotion-relegation tournaments. To do this, the studio reveals that all team members will have to meet several criteria:

  • be of Immortal rank 3 or higher on 10 January 2024, when Act 1 of Episode 8 begins,
  • be at least 16 years old,
  • not play in two different teams,
  • use only one Riot account in Premier,
  • not being a professional FPS player,

If you want to take part, you must build a team that meets the above conditions and enter it in Premier between 8 and 17 January 2024.

It seems that you can then try to join the Challengers directly via an Open Qualifierwhich will run throughout January. You will need to register to take part. Details of this stage will be sent shortly.

Teams who do not secure a slot in the Challengers via the Qualifier will play in the Premier Contender division. There will be two Splits between January and the end of April, and the playoffs in the second segment will give access to the promotional tournament mentioned above.

Premier mode calendar - Split 1 and 2 - January to April 2024

For more information about Premier mode, please refer to the FAQ at the Riot Games website.