ScreaM and Fish123 would join Team Liquid

While the different historical esports organisations already claimed the American stage of Valorant for themselves, the Europe must for the moment be content with G2 Esports. It would seem, however, that things are starting to shake up on the old continent. Ninjas in Pyjamas has finally announced its new team, and it looks like Team Liquid is about to do the same.

According to rumours, ScreaM and his recent allies of fish123, ec1s, Kryptix, L1NK and soulcas, would have finally found a team. For several weeks now, we've noticed that the Belgium player and the winners of our first Mandatory Cupbecame closer. The fish123 team let Ardiiis go (who then joined G2) and has since participated in competitions with ScreaM, sometimes as fish123, sometimes as Prodigy.

The five players are now used to playing together. They also participate in WePlay! Invitational of the the Ignition Series taking place today. It may be the last time we see them playing under the name fish123.

However, it must be recognised that, while they all have excellent qualities and shone at Valorant's launch, they have been struggling to rise at the highest rank lately. Europe is a real breeding ground for talented players and some teams as FABRIKEN or PartyParrots also start to play their cards right.

However, if the rumours about Team Liquid are confirmed, it's a safe bet that the team will be able to benefit from the necessary coaching to compete with the best. They have nothing to prove in terms of skill.