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Ryut, caught cheating in the middle of a Valorant tournament

Riot Games is carrying out a ruthless war against cheaters on Valorant. So far, there has been a lot of suspicion upon some players, but all of them have been dismissed. There also have been a few proven cases. This weekend, Ryut joins the list of the banned competitors.

During the TGS Signature Series, a Canadian tournament, the player Ryut has been caught red-handed. In the quarterfinals, you can see his cursor line up in an absolutely unnatural way on the head of an opponent, yet hidden behind an obstacle. What is more overwhelming is that he completely ignores the opposing Reyna who is clearly visible in front of him.

When the doubts began to surface on Twitter, Ryut deleted his Twitter and Discord accounts. He made no comment and has disappeared from the web. Ryut has since seen his Valorant account suspended. He was also banned from all competitions of Valorant.

Cheating is a topic taken very seriously by Riot Games. Suspicions upon Ardiis led to several investigations which concluded that he was just too strong. The WePlay! Invitational, tournament part of the Ignition Series, was promptly paused when suspicion arose about the nolpenki team. Here too, the doubts were unfounded.

The irony in this story is that his team, Team Tokyo, lost that game and was therefore eliminated from the tournament. But it's pretty sure it took advantage of Ryut's dubious methods to qualify for the quarter-finals of the competition anyway. His actions may have deprived another team of a qualification for the quarter-finals and the opportunity to go further in the tournament and receive a cash prize.