Rubino (Heretics) is looking for a new team

Just as Rubino is still under contract with Team Heretics, he announced on Twitter that he is looking for a new team.

Ruben " Rubino " Villarroel was the first " sixth player " recruited in a Valorant professional team. Many players believe that six-player teams will become the norm. Indeed, more and more maps and agents will be integrated into the game and it's difficult or impossible to specialise in everything. A sixth player allows for more flexibility, giving the team more strings to its bow.

Since the end of March, Rubino replaced niesoW taking a break for personal problems. With Rubino's departure, the first team to have a 6-player roster now has only 4. Heretics has a few weeks to get back to 5 so they can participate in the next stages of the Valorant Champions Tour. One imagines that if Rubino can openly look for a new team, it's because Heretics has already found a new player but hasn't announced it yet.