EXCEL: Rubino and Moe replace Davidp and B1ggy

Following their second place in the Spring Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France and a few weeks before the next phase of the VCT, Excel has made two replacements in its team. Davidp and B1ggy are replaced by Rubino and Moe.

David "Davidp" Prins David was the mainstay of the team, the first player and captain since EXCEL entered Valorant last March. While he has had a happy time at G2, winning the Cup and the 3rd/4th place of the First Strike Europe, it was more complicated with Excel during the VCT because the team didn't qualify to any final phase of the Stage 2. However, he and his teammates still managed to get a second place in the first VALOTF tournament! Following Davidp's departure, it will be Vincent "Happy" Cervoni who will take on the role of IGL in his place.

Morgan "B1GGY" Madour arrived at Excel at the same time as Happy, Honeybee, and Ale on 29th March. The Frenchman is a player of Sova but also of Omen. He distinguished himself during the VALOTF Spring Tournament where he was decisive on several occasions! 

The two new recruits of Excel are Rubino and Moe. Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel was inactive with Team Heretics and was looking for new options. He was the first "sixth player" of a professional team in Valorant and won the second place of the Masters 1 EU with Heretics. Rubino is a seasoned initiator who can play Sova, Skye or Breach.

Muhammad "Moe40" Hariff was on Fnatic from February to April 2021 before being benched and then dismissed from the team. He was most recently on NoPoaching but left the team a few days ago to join Excel. When he played for SUMN FC (later Fnatic), he got the second place in the First Strike Europe. Moe plays mainly Sova but can also play Jett, Sage or Skye.

With these changes in the roster, Excel can hope to go further in the VCT and why not get its first points in the circuit!