ROG Esports recruits players from Citron Chien

The creation of teams continues in Europe. While we learned today aboutthe Dignitas team across the Atlantic. This time, it's a very French team that is announced. ROG Esports recruits the players of Lemon Dog and gets started on Valorant.

Five french players compose this team: Uzzziii, TiduS, GatsH, mikee and MateliaN. If you have followed the European Valorant scene, you will probably saw them in different teams before. Most recently, they competed in the Mandatory.GG Cup of the Ignition Series under the name Citron Chien (with the exception of MateliaN, who takes the place of iDex).

ROG Esports' team announcement

ROG Esports had already shown interest in Valorant by hosting several tournaments, in which teams like Prodigy and Team Jbzz played. During these tournaments, they were some of the players announced today in the line-up.

This is one more team in Europe. The scene is getting bigger and bigger, which is a very good sign for Valorant esports.