Riot Games unveils VCT 2023 new Format

We started to tell you about it in our article on changes related to VRL. It is now official, the VCT is changing its format and Riot Games has revealed more information about it in a video dedicated to the competitive circuit.

The international leagues are evolving

New international leagues

Forget what you know about VCT, because from 2023 everything will change. New international leagues will emerge, to divide the world into three parts: Americas, EMEA and Pacific. In each of these leagues, ten teams will compete, making a total of thirty teams.

Each season will be divided into two segments : one in February/March and one in April/May. However, to celebrate this change and the creation of the three leagues, a big event will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and will replace the first segment.

The thirty teams will be invited and will compete during 3 weeks of intense competition. The event will be open to the public and will be an opportunity for fans to meet their favourite players or to discover new teams. The competition will start in February and the winner will be crowned in early March. The winning team will give their league an extra place in the Masters.

Riot Games unveils new VCT 2023 format - two international league segments -
Riot Games unveils new VCT 2023 format - vct 2023 season opener tournament -

The only competitive segment of the year will start in March and last eight weeks, finally crowning a champion in May.

Regular season games will be attended by public

This is one of the biggest changes for next year. Each league will have a dedicated venue where the matches will be played of the regular season and which will be able to accommodate a public audience, similar to the LEC of League of Legends which is played every week in Berlin. The cities chosen to fill this role are: Los Angeles (Americas), Berlin (EMEA) and Seoul (Pacific).

Riot Games unveils new VCT 2023 format - vct venues -

Changes for the Masters

The timetable has been further reduced and from 2023 onwards, the VCT will only have more than one Masters. This event will be held in June and will see, as usual, the best teams from each international league competing against each other. Thanks to this event, the best teams of each region will obtain their place for the Valorant Champions, the final stage of the season.

This competition will be quickly followed in July by the Last Chance Qualifiers, which do not change their format. Teams that did not qualify for the Champions will still have a last chance to participate if they manage to emerge victorious from the LCQ. Only one team per region will have this opportunity.

Finally, the Valorant Champions will take place even earlier than this year, starting in August and ending in September.

VRLs get a makeover

July will also see a new event: the Ascension Tournament. This will bring together the best teams of the different Challengers (the new VRLs), who will compete in LANs to try to get into the international leagues where they can play for two years.

The Challengers will also be split into two segments: the first in January/February and the second from March to June. The competitive season will finally end in July with the Ascension Tournament.

The planning of the VCT 2023 season

Riot Games unveils new VCT 2023 format - vct 2023 schedule -

Here is the schedule for the VCT 2023 season. We do not yet have the exact dates of each event. However, the year will be rich in competition and we are already looking forward to it.