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Renegades returns to a Riot's game and recruits Big Frames

The American esports scene of Valorant is already bright, but that doesn't prevent new organisations from composing teams. Today, Renegades announced that 5 players will represent them in the competitive circuit in the future.

Contrary to most of the teams that recruit players from different backgrounds one by one, Renegades had its heart set on a full team already established. The Renegades team is none other than the (former) Big Frames.

Big Frames players are former CS:GO players who have never really distinguished themselves on Valve's FPS. However, they really stood out at Valorant launch, but haven't participated to tournaments for a while. Maybe by being supervised by an organisation, the players will have the opportunity to bring themselves up to speed on Valorant.

Renegades team:

  • James "Nurfed" McFadden
  • Chuck "Cp2" Proud
  • Ryan "Winsum" Johns
  • Devon "randyySavage" Bréard
  • Stephen "Berghy" Bergh

The announcement of a Renegades Valorant team also means the return of the organisation to a Riot game. Its leaders and the organisation were banned from League of Legends competitions following several infractions in 2016. Since then, Renegades has been bought and changed leaders. They have built a new reputation on other competitive games.