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Recap of the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL – Day 2

The second day of the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL concluded the group stage. Three new BO3s to determine which teams were going to be the two teams meeting for the grand final. The Fearoth's team naturally confirmed its superiority by winning their third and final match. The Skyyart's team started the day with a clear disadvantage, but have defended themselves very well. In the end, the duel Jbzz against Mickalow was the most important... and the closest. Recap of Day 2 of this Valorant Grand Invitational.


Team Fearoth30
Team Jbzz21
Team Mickalow12
Team Skyyart03

Team Mickalow Vs Team Fearoth

liptoNNN - AzoX - Nameless - Uzzziii - Mickalow
Fearoth - Bramz - HyP - LaAw - JiNKZ

This first BO was the most expeditious of the whole group stage. It must be said that Team Mickalow is probably the least trained on Valorant, while Team Fearoth is made up of players with professional ambitions.

The first two points may have been scored by Team Mickalow on Bind, but it turned out to be just an anomaly in this one-sided game. Mickalow's strategies and the talents of liptoNNN weren't enough and Fearoth's players showed their superiority in terms of individual skill. Bramz and JiNKZ became in turns the carries of the different rounds, so that the map ends with a score of 13-4.

No miracles on Ascent, Team Fearoth continued to play against a completely overwhelmed Mickalow's team. Decidedly at ease with the offensive, Fearoth's team were stepping up their aggressive breakthroughs, led by the Skye's summons of HyP. A strategy that didn't succeed on their opponents, as Bramz was reactive on the destruction of these abilities. The game finally ended on the same score as the previous match, 13-4.

Team Skyyart Vs Team Jbzz

NokSa - Birdho - Kryx - Skyyart - Bazy
mshz - Dashh - blitzeN - Jbzz - AFELAY

It was the last-chance BO for Skyyart, who already had two losses in this tournament. They then had to create some plays and surprises, especially since Jbzz's team were not looking in top form. As a result, these were probably the most explosive (and speedy) games of this Valorant Grand Invitational.

Team Skyyart took the advantage early on, taking the first 4 rounds in Defense on Ascent. Team Jbzz's offense was to tumble around the sites and backfire all over the place. A strategy that didn't have the desired results, Bazy eliminating his opponents at an impressive speed. In the 6th round, he already had a score of 10 eliminations for 1 death. But once blitzeN was equipped properly, another game began. Team Jbzz went on to win each of those rounds except two. Afellay was also particularly instrumental, with the player winning the last round on his own by making an Ace.

The second game on Haven was quite similar. This time in Attack, Skyyart's team won the first 5 rounds with art. Bazy and Birdho had scores of 10/3 and 6/1 respectively. But once again, Jbzz's team reversed the trend from the 9th round. blitzeN and Afellay have done wonders. Once again, except two bursts from Team Skyyart, Jbzz's team was no longer surprised and won the game on a score of 13-9.

Team Mickalow Vs Team Jbzz

liptoNNN - AzoX - Nameless - Uzzziii - Mickalow
mshz - Sven - blitzeN - Jbzz - AFELAY

This last BO was undoubtedly the most important of the day. The team that won the matchup joined Fearoth in the final tournament. Due to a techincal problem, Jbzz's team had to urgently replace Dashh with Sven.

Once again, Team Jbzz seemed to be struggling to get into the game. The two teams chained group altercations where everyone was shooting in all directions, which seems to benefit Mickalow and his allies, especially Nameless on his Reyna. After finally saving enough money to equip their Operator duelists, Jbzz's team get some colour back. Once again, it was blitzeN who seemed to set the pace for his team, capable of taking multiple kills by rushing directly at their opponents. Mickalow's team managed to stabilise again on the sides' switch, but mshz managed to kill his opponents in an eco round, allowing his teammates to collect weapons and regain the advantage. Advantage they never lost, until the victory on a score of 13-7.

Far from being taken down, Mickalow's team decided to change their strategy. Defending on Ascent, they drowned their opponents in smoke and flashes when they spot them. Team Jbzz played too packed, which made them all completely vulnerable. Nameless and Mickalow then rush in to clean the area. The Mickalow's team then took the advantage that the Jbzz's team struggled to stop. At sides' switch and the economy was reset, Team Mickalow once again regained the advantage in the pistol round and took advantage of this advantage to win the 6 rounds that separated them from victory. The second map ended on a 13-5.

Last map of the day and group stage, Haven. No more jokes for Jbzz's team. They won the first 9 rounds thanks to very good rotations, taking Mickalow team's defenses by surprise. Knocked over, they decide for a time to hardly protect the sites in order to concentrate on recovering the territory. A strategy that didn't pay off, as Sven and Jbzz managed to nail them as soon as they showed their heads.

For once the Jbzz team ensured the start of the game, they however had a hard time concluding. With a 10-2 advantage at sides' switch, it was hard to see how they could lose, but it was not counting on a fantastic comeback from Mickalow, driven by AzoX, liptoNNN and Uzzziii. Ultimately, mshz and blitzeN provided the final impetus for the final round. They ended the map on a 13-8 score.

See you in final

Team Fearoth and Team Jbzz confirmed their status as favourites, but the course hasn't been as smooth as they had hoped. They will nevertheless meet for a final confrontation in BO5 on Saturday 21st September, from 1pm.

The matches will be commented by a new trio of casters, to say the least... dynamic. Don't hesitate to follow our Twitter account for any upcoming announcements on this topic.

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