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Recap of the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL – Day 1

The first day of the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL is over! We have already seen half of the group stage BO3s and the matches have held a lot of surprises. As well as seeing the French Valorant personalities compete, we also gout our first real glimpse of Skye Skye in the hands of the pros. Recap of the first matches of this Valorant Grand Invitational.


Team Fearoth204 - 1
Team Mickalow102 - 1
Team Skyyart022 - 4
Team Jbzz010 - 2

Team Mickalow Vs Team Skyyart

liptoNNN - AzoX - Nameless - Uzzziii - Mickalow
NokSa - Birdho - Kryx - Skyyart - bazy

The first match of the day opposed the two teams considered the weakest of the tournament. Mickalow has granted himself the services of his long-time friends and colleagues, Skyyart has teamed up with pro players from Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

Hostilities have started on Bind, with a very clear advantage to the Mickalow's team. They won the first 5 rounds, largely thanks to liptoNNN. The player and his Jett were in good shape from the start. At the sides' switch, his team had already won 10 rounds, and liptoNNN had a score of 19-4. Mickalow's team, of course, quickly concluded this explosive first map and won by far, 13-4.

After a one-sided map, we naturally expected that the rest of the meeting would follow the same course. And yet, Skyyart's team perked up again on AscentDespite a lost pistol round, the team managed to turn the tables in the second round. Mickalow's team nevertheless took advantage of their defending position in the first part and led 7-5 at sides' switch. Unfortunately for them, Birdho and Bazy Birdho and Bazy were warmed up and they competed esily with liptoNNN who continued to perform. Mickalow's team suffered a winning streak from Skyyart's, which ultimately won 13-11.

Split, the third map was equally contested by the two teams. Skyyart's team was playing a tightly packed formation that allowed Uzzziii to kill his opponents in packs of three. Meanwhile, liptoNNN and Birdho seemed to be the champions of their respective teams. It's ultimately the different strategies of Team Mickalow that made the difference. AzoX didn't hesitate to use Raze's rocket launcher to destroy all of the gadgets of the Cypher of Skyyart, or to combine his Boom-bot with the Skye's Guiding Light of Mickalow to overwhelm their opponents. Mickalow's team finally won the first BO3 of the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL on a score of 13-9.

Team Fearoth Vs Team Jbzz

Fearoth - Bramz - HyP - LaAw - JiNKZ
mshz - Dashh - blitzeN - Jbzz - AFELAY

The second BO3 of the day was between two teams that know each other well. The Fearoth and Jbzz teams participate in many tournaments and often train together.

The Fearoth's team takes the lead over Bind and won the first 4 rounds by taking advantage of its economic advantage. The snowball effect then reverses for the team Jbzz who won the next five rounds. The latter coordinated their attacks better and better and succeeded in overpowering Fearoth's attacks. At the change of sides, it was a perfect tie between the two teams. However, Team Jbzz was unable to interrupt Team Fearoth's new winning streak once they were on Defence. HyP takes full advantage of Skye's skills to intercept all opposing assaults. LaAw does not disappoint with its Omen armed with an Operator, capable of repositioning itself after very aggressive kills. Team Fearoth wins the first map with a score of 13-6.

The second map selected was Haven. Team Fearoth started off on the attack by taking the gun round again. But Team Jbzz took advantage of the smokes of Dashh and blitzeN to conceal the explosives of Jbzz and its Raze. It was a long wait to regain the economic advantage for the Fearoth team, Bramz giving his Operator to his captain. From that moment on, despite some very nice actions from the Jbzz team, the Fearoth team only conceded 2 more rounds until the end of the game. HyP constantly blinds his opponents while JiNkz Odin through walls and smokes. Team Fearoth wins the map with a score of 13-5.

Team Fearoth Vs Team Skyyart

Fearoth - Bramz - HyP - LaAw - JiNKZ
NokSa - Birdho - Kryx - Skyyart - bazy

The second BO3 of the day opposed Fearoth to Skyyart. On paper, the result of this match was a foregone conclusion. And yet...! Skyyart's team defended themselves quite well in their Attack side. Fearoth's team were definitely struggling to defend on Haven and had let Skyyart's team plant the Spike to play retakes. A strategy that offered results, but the score was tight at side's switch, 7-5. Since they were more comfortable on offense, Fearoth's advantage was naturally created once they go on Attack. Bramz, on Reyna, carried his team largely. LaAw and HyP were also rock solid, consistently blocking the vision of Skyyart's team. The game ended on a 13-7.

The second game of this BO3 was by far the strangest of the day. The first half of Bind was even tighter than on Haven. NokSs and Birdho, supported by Kryw and Bazy, have regularly taken Fearoth's players by surprise. Once in Attack, nothing could stop Skyyart and his teammates... until technical issues prevented Bazy from continuing the game. Sentenced to keep up 4 versus 5, Skyyart's team managed the feat of winning the last 3 rounds they lacked to complete this map, on a score of 13-7.

With Bazy no longer available, Birdho rushed to dispatch one of his teammates, Unikking. This prompted the entire Skyyart's team to review their picks. Skyyart inherited Bazy's Cypher, while NokSs went on Raze and Unikking on Skye. These changes likely unsettled the team, as they took far too long to find their balance on Ascent. Fearoth's team was leading 12-4 at the end of the 16th round. This is when Skyyart's team seemed to regain colour, unless the fear of winning was too strong among their opponents. In the end, it took 5 match points for the feverish Fearoth to win the game on a mistake from Skyyart's team Team Skyyart having blinded themselves. Regardless, with this 13-8, they won their second BO of this group stage and therefore confirmed their status as favourites.

Skye, Agent of the day

In official Riot Games tournaments, Riot is not yet playable. Seeing it available in the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL therefore provides a first glimpse of her power in a competitive environment.

Skye stood out widely throughout the day. As praised by Mickalow as Fearoth in a post-game interview, the newcomer is popular for her ability to take in all kinds of information. Whether with her wolf, her falcon of her swarms, it's impossible to ignore her as she overwhelms the ground of obstacles. Whether it's with the sound indications of Skye, the movements of her creatures or the sounds of the shots from the opponents, everything is prompt to reveal the position of the opponents.

Program of Day 2

There are 3 BO to play to complete the groups. The show resumes at 2pm, still on the event's Twitch channel. As a reminder, the two best teams will meet in the final next week, at the Grand Festival Gaming.

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