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Rawkus, new coach for Sentinels

It's official, Sentinels players have a new coach and it's Rawkus, as the team recently announced.

We don't have to introduce Sentinels, one of the current best American teams today, with an impressive track record. Winners of many North American stages of the VCT 2021, the team has notably distinguished itself by winning the Valorant Masters NA 1 and then the Masters 2 in Reykjavik, demonstrating its superiority over the best teams from other regions. The Masters 3 in Berlin was a bit more complicated, as the players did not managed to get past the quarter-finals, losing 2-0 to Team Envy.

The reason for the defeat was that the team was the only one in the competition without a coach, and did not really feel the need to recruit one. However, ShahZaM, the captain, admitted that this was both an advantage and a disadvantage. Today, however, it's clear that sometimes raw talent is not enough and that the absence of a coach is now more of a disadvantage than an advantage for Sentinels.

While pure skill is essential in a game like Valorant, it's almost as important to have the discipline and strategy to get the best results. It's the job of a coach to tame this raw talent and channel it into optimal use. Such recruitment seems essential if Sentinels wants to be successful again and win the Valorant Champions.

From player to coach

First Overwatch player from 2016 to 2020, Rawkus played for FaZe Clan and then Houston Outlaws to play in the Overwatch League. He then switched to Valorant and rejoined FaZe Clan in August 2020. The team has performed well, winning the Phase 1 of the Challengers 3 NA of the VCT, and placing second in the Valorant Masters 1 NA. 

However, despite a top 2 in the Phase 3 of the Challengers 2 of the VCT NA, FaZe Clan failed to qualify for the Valorant Champions, making only a top 8 in the Last Chance Qualifier.

It doesn't matter much to the American, as Rawkus has decided to put aside his career as a professiona player, and will participate in the Valorant Champions as coach

His arrival in Sentinels should probably be beneficial to the team, but we'll have to wait until the start of the Valorant Champions to see if this recruitment will bear fruit. See you on 2nd December for the start of the tournament!