Planning and follow-up for Spike Nations 4

The rosters of the six competing countries in this edition of Spike Nations are now determined. It's time for these teams to take part in the international phase, with the aim of qualifying for the play-offs. Planning, schedules, dates, scores... you'll find all the important information in this article.

Finals matches - Playoffs

We now know which four teams have qualified, namely France, Turkey, the UK and Italy. The final phase of the tournament will take place 16 Decemberin physics at the Gamergy event in Madrid. We will update this section as information becomes available.

Sat. 16 DecemberSemi-final #1Turkey2 - 0Italy
Sat. 16 DecemberSemi-final #2France1 - 2United-Kindgom
Sat. 16 DecemberFinalTurkey2 - 0United-Kindgom

Matches in the international phase

The aim of this stage is to select the four nations that will take part in the play-offs. Scores will be added and updated once the matches have taken place.

Wed. 8 November7pm CESTItaly8 - 13Turkey
Wed. 8 November8pm CESTGermany11 - 13United-Kindgom
Wed. 8 November9pm CESTFrance13 - 3Spain
Thu. 9 November7pm CESTFrance13 - 5United-Kindgom
Thu. 9 November8pm CESTTurkey13 - 2Spain
Thu. 9 November9pm CESTItaly13 - 7Germany
Tue. 14 November7pm CESTTurkey13 - 6Germany
Tue. 14 November8pm CESTFrance13 - 10Italy
Tue. 14 November9pm CESTSpain11 - 13United-Kindgom
Wed. 15 November7pm CESTTurkey13 - 7France
Wed. 15 November8pm CESTUnited-Kindgom13 - 5Italy
Wed. 15 November9pm CESTGermany7 - 13Spain
Thu. 16 November7pm CESTUnited-Kindgom8 - 13Turkey
Thu. 16 November8pm CESTGermany10 - 13France
Thu. 16 November9pm CESTSpain11 - 13Italy

To follow the French team's matches, go to Tomy's Twitch channel.