Planning and Follow-up of AfreecaTV Valorant League

Since end of Valorant Champions 2023A number of competitions were organised during the off-season, including the Red Bull Home Ground, the the Mandatory Cup or even AfreecaTV Valorant League. This latest tournament brings together eight teams from different regions, including EDG, Sentinels and Team Liquid.

Now with Team Liquid, Frenchman Enzo and his friends from Apeks have a great opportunity to show what they can do alongside their new acolytes.

Group stage results

The group phase takes place from 5 to 8 December. The eight participating teams are divided into two groups. Only the four best performers will advance to the play-offs. All matches are BO3. This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Tue. 5 DecemberMatch 1 - Group ASentinels2 - 1Paper Rex
Tue. 5 DecemberMatch 2 - Group AFull Sense1 - 2DRX
Wed. 6 DecemberMatch 1 - Group BFancy United0 - 2Team Liquid
Wed. 6 DecemberMatch 2 - Group BT12-0EDG
Thu. 7 DecemberWinners Match - Group ASentinels2-0DRX
Thu. 7 DecemberElimination Match - Group APaper Rex2-0Full Sense
Thu. 7 DecemberDecider Match - Group ADRX0-2Paper Rex
Fri. 8 DecemberWinners Match - Group BTeam Liquid1-2T1
Fri. 8 DecemberElimination Match - Group BFancy United1-2EDG
Fri. 8 DecemberDecider Match - Group BTeam Liquid2-0EDG

Play-off results

The semi-finals are scheduled for Saturday 9 December. The two finalists will face each other on 10th December in a match in BO5 to try and take the title. This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Sat. 9 DecemberSemi-final 1 - BO3Sentinels2-1Team Liquid
Sat. 9 DecemberSemi-final 2 - BO3T10-2Paper Rex
Sun. 10 DecemberFinal – BO5Sentinels3-0Paper Rex