Planning of the Game Changers Championship

Throughout the year, the best Valorant women's teams have been competing in regional tournaments. Now it's time to find out which one of them is the best thanks to the Game Changers Championship. In a recent communicationRiot Games has revealed all the information you need to know about the competition and how to attend.

The Games Changers have been established in early 2021 to to give visibility to the best women's teams of Valorant. In each region of the world, three national competitions are held throughout the season to allow them to compete against each other. In 2022, a final international event has been added to the competitive calendar to determine which of these teams is truly the best of all.

Like the Valorant Champions, Riot Games has created the Game Changers Championship. From 15 to 20 NovemberThe best women's teams from each region will compete for the title of Game Changers Champion.

These teams There are eight of them and, as usual, the slots have been allocated according to the importance of the region from which they originate.

VCT Game Changers Championship: slot allocation.

The Game Changers Championship schedule?

The teams that have qualified will meet in a double elimination bracket. The event will take place in Berlin, in the studios that normally host the League of Legends European Championship. Here's what you can expect during the tournament:

  • 15 and 16 November: Upper bracket matches
  • 17 November: Lower bracket matches
  • 18 November: 2nd round of the lower bracket and final of the upper bracket
  • 19 November: Semi-final and final of the lower bracket
  • 20 November: Grand Final

How to watch the Game Changers Championship?

Since the Game Changers Championship takes place in physicspart of the event will be open to the public. From 18 November, you can watch the most important matches of the competition live from the LEC Studio in Berlin. Tickets have been on sale since 17 October and can be purchased on the website of Eventbrite at the price of 20€.

For those unable to attend, a replay will probably be offered but no Twitch channel link has yet been provided by the organisers.