Patiphan, injured, takes a break at X10

Thailand's top team, X10X10, will have to do without the services of Patiphan for a while due to a wrist injury.

Patiphan “Patiphan" Chaiwong is a 17 year old Thai player and former Overwatch professional. On Valorant, with X10s, he won the Southeast Asia Challengers Finals in Phase 2 and a ticket to the Reykjavik Masters.

This morning, just before the start of the first Thai Phase 3 Challengers, Patiphan announced that he was taking a break for an indefinite period of time due to a wrist injury. The player says that this does not affect his performance but that he needs time to rest and regain his confidence in order to keep his best level. During his absence, X10 coach Yuttanagorn "Zeus" Kaewkongyai will be in charge of replacing him.

On Facebook, the organisation admits that it does not know when the player will be able to return to the competitive scene, depending on the length of his recovery. We can only hope that Patiphan recovers quickly from his injury and can come back to help his team perform during tournaments. In the meantime, X10s have just won their first match in the Phase 3 Challengers 1 against Need Sponsor.