Party Parrots disbands

The Party Parrots have decided to end the party. The amateur team from Eastern Europe announced the end of their team on Twitter. Its players are separating and will no longer compete in the various Valorant tournaments.

This team, also made up of former Counter-Strike players, had managed to reach the top level of Valorant since the game was officially released. When they were not invited to a tournament, they qualified for it by the sweat of their brows. They have faced the best teams and obtained very good results. Unfortunately, these efforts did not pay off.

Dinkzj, Party Parrots player, spoke on Twitter mid-last week to share his anger and sadness. He criticises European esports organisations for not investing in Valorant and for not realising the players' interest in Valorant, as well as the talent of its scene.

This point of view unfortunately echoes many situations already seen over the past three months. When he won the Mandatory Cup, ec1s was already explaining that his team was encountering a difficulty in finding an organisation willing to recruit his entire team, fish123. A few weeks later, only Ardiis had received a proposal. Later, HypHypHyp players had to disband, with three of them joining Ninjas in Pyjamas. This weekend, we also learned that FABRIKEN team was also disbanding, following proposals received by some of its players.

So it's not that the European organisations are cautious, but they take their time and prefer to recruit a few players who stand out from the crowd, rather than an entire team. This caution, however, is undermining amateurs players who despair and finally give up the competition. The more things progress, the more it seems that the European scene is ultimately reserved only for the elite of the elite, leaving many potential talents behind.