OG parts ways with TviQ, DPS and Destrian

Last night, OG has announced that it was parting ways with TviQ, DPS and Destrian, 3 of its 4 remaining players. The organisation is therefore starting almost from scratch for its Valorant team.

Last June, the organisation went on with an almost entirely reformed roster for the Phase 3 of the VCT by parting with OniBy, elllement and aKm and by recruiting DPS, trexx and Destrian.

Unfortunately, OG did not manage to convince during the Challengers oh Phase 3, reaching at best the 9-16th place of the qualifiers. No main event for the team that finished 5-8th in Challengers 2 and 3 of Phase 1.

OG's results were insufficient to qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier, so the adventure ends here for them in this first year of the VCT. This gives the organisation a little time to make a potential transfer window and it has not deprived itself of it.

At the end of August, we learned the departure of trexx. Today, TviQ, DPS and Destrian are leaving the organisation. The first one was part of the roster since February, while the two others had officially joined the team in June.

Within the roster, this leaves only uNKOE, a player of Viper and Omen. Present since the beginning of the organisation on Valorant, the Frenchman is a central element of the strategy of OG on Riot's FPS. Following the announcement of these departures, the organisation has already declared to be in the process of rebuilding a new team for 2022. To be continued!