OG announces new roster

After having disappeared from the competition since July 2021 and going through several bad spells, the Danish OG team is back on the competitive scene with a new roster.

Mainly known on DOTA2, the organisation made its debut on Valorant last February by signing the players of Monkey Business. It has participated in a few phases of the VCT without much success however.

Now, with the start of the 2022 season just around the corner, it's back with some new players... and some we already know!

This new roster welcomes fxy0EZ, who spent the first months of 2021 playing various stages of the VCT in TENSTAR, but has not been seen in competition since April. LaAw also joins the ranks, having previously played for Entropiq and then Good evening. He recently competed at RUSH to Glory #10 where he finished on a top 5-8.

MateliaN is also one of the new recruits. His year 2021 was punctuated by team changes and various participations in the VCT qualifiers. He finally joined Good evening in October to play alongside LaAw.

The last two members are well known faces of the team. They areuNKOE and OniBy, both of whom were part of the original OG roster. The former hasn't played on the competitive scene since last July, when OG last participated in a VCT qualifier. The latter left the organisation quite quickly to also play with Good evening. He now returns to the Danish team and joins three of his former teammates.

This brand new team played its first matches on Monday 10th January, as it participates in theOpen Qualifier 1 of the 2022 VCT. The won 2-0 against Project K, and then against Cavalry Esports. A good start that we hope will allow them to go far in the competition!