OG Esports recruits Monkey Business players

A new emblematic organisation is launching on Valorant. After weeks of rumours, OG Esports confirms the recruitment of Monkey Business and its arrival on Valorant.

It was an open secret since the Home Ground of Red Bull. The Monkey Business were one of the teams invited without going through the qualifications, even though we had never heard of them before. Knowing that " Monkey Business " is the former name of the OG Esports organisation, which has Red Bull as partner, we suspected that something was going on.

OG Esports is a mastodon of esports in Europe. The organisation is best known for having won The International of DOTA2 twice in a row. Recently, it launched on Counter-Strike Global Offensive. So i'ts not surprising to see it arriving on Valorant.

In the team, there are three French persons: Dylan 'aKm"Bignet, Benjamin "uNKOE"Chevasson and Theo "OniBy"Tarlier. They are three former Overwatch players, as is the Swede Kevin " TviQ " Lindström. Their last player is the Serbian Dragan " ellly "Milanović. He is the only player to come from the Counter-Strike scene.

Although the team's start was feeble at the Home Ground, the Monkey Business made a strong impression during the first Valorant Challengers EU. By beating Guild Esports, they finished in the top 4 teams of Europe. In doing so, they qualified directly for the final stages of the Challengers 2. Ellement's feats were particularly noticeable, so much so that he was voted first MVP of the Valorant Champions Tour in Europe.

The team is therefore on a very good track. They only have one match left to win on Saturday to qualify for the first Valorant Masters.