OG completes its roster with DPS, trexx and Destrian

After parting ways with Oniby, aKm and elllement almost a month ago, OG OG presents its new roster and coach for the Phase 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour.

After this wave of departures, only uNKOE and TviQ were left in OG ranks. With the VCT Phase 3 approaching, it was time for the organisation to complete its roster and it's now done with the arrival of DPS, Destrian and trexx !

Harry " DPS " MacGill was already on OG as a a stand-in since 6th April, but becomes a permanent element in the roster. The Briton is primarily a player of Sova and Breach, so it remains to be seen how he will fit with TviQ, also a Sova player.

As for Tomas " Destrian " Linikas and Nikita " trexx " Cherednichenko, they were part of Honk before the team split at the very beginning of June, as they could not find an organisation to welcome them all together. Trexx is a player of Raze and notably won the 2nd place of the First Strike CIS when he was with Team Singularity. Destrian has a controller profile with his Astra and his Viper and reached the 5th/8th place of the qualifiers of the last EU Challengers of Phase 1 with Bonk, falling against Ballista Esports.

In addition to these three new players, OG has acquired the services of a high ranking coach. The organisation recruits Tanishq "Tanizhq" Sabharwal, formerly with Team Heretics where he won the First Strike Europe as well as a second place at the first EU Masters.

With these recruits, OG is now ready to tackle Phase 3 of the VCT to get its first points of the official Valorant circuit.