Oderus joins Version1

Less than a week before the start of the Last Chance Qualifier NA, Version1 finally completes its team with Oderus!

In mid-August, Version1 announced the departure of vanity, its captain, for Cloud9 Blue. The team was down to 4 players and the organisation had to find a 5h player for the Last Chance Qualifier NA. This is now done with the recruitment of Oderus.

Chad " Oderus " Miller is a former CS:GO player who switched to Valorant in June 2020. During his time on Riot's FPS, he was a Jett and Raze player, but has been playing Viper and Killjoy since May.

Before joining Version1, Oderus worked with Dignitas, beastcoast and finally Pioneers, with which he finished 5-6th and 7-8th respectively in Challengers 1 and 2 of Phase 3.

In a video presentation, Oderus said that it was a no-brainer for him to accept Version1's offer and join the team given the talent and experience of the players. However, it should be noted that Oderus plays the same Agents as wippie, so it remains to be seen how the two players will organise themselves and what roles they will adopt in their next games.

Version1's next deadline is the NA Last Chance Qualifier, which starts for them on 14th October with a match against Cloud9 Blue, that is to say against the former team captain, vanity!