Noot Noot disqualified for cheating at Game Changers America

Riot Games and Valorant Esports have taken the decision to force the team Noot Noot to withdraw from the Valorant Game Changers American Series 3Following confirmed suspicions of cheating by one of the participants. This forfeit automatically disqualified Noot Noot from the tournament, who was competing for a place in the semi-finals.

The qualifying tournaments for the Valorant Game Changers World Championships are currently taking place in every region. A large number of teams are taking part, and all of them are hoping to follow in the footsteps of G2 Gozen, world champions in 2022.

These teams include Noot Nootformerly Dart Monkeysa team that has been running riot on the women's Valorant circuit for over a year and a half with excellent results. The team split up this summer to join Supernova GalaxyBefore 4 of them decided to relaunch Noot Noot at Game Changers Series III. Seeing them get this far in the tournament was therefore no real surprise. However, it was during his match against Complexity GX3and after a forced interruption of more than two hours, that Riot Games has decided to force Noot Noot to the cheating package.

The official Noot Noot account expressed its incomprehension at the disqualification. Although the Valorant Esports account did not give any details about the nature of the cheating or the culprits, there were already doubts about one of the players: malibu. He is Noot Noot's latest recruit, having replaced Nora a few weeks ago. His shooting ability has raised more than a few eyebrows, particularly in the match against FT Silvxs in the Round of 16, where Malibu's headers were troubling.

In the absence of official confirmation, xannThe Noot Noot player took the floor to distance herself completely from Malibu, explaining that she didn't even know the player and had only joined the team a few weeks ago. While she rightly deplores the fact that her entire team is being hated in such conditions, she understands the public's reaction. Most of the players have locked their X accounts (ex-Twitter), while Malibu's account has simply been deleted.

However, this story calls into question the integrity of the competition, as Noot Noot was able to play 8 matches before being disqualified. So any team that lost out to Noot Noot would be entitled to feel completely ripped off. But above all, was it the reports that enabled Riot Games to detect the cheating or did it come from Vanguard? One thing's for sure: Valorant's security measures can still be improved.