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Ninjas in Pyjamas would have its full roster

After many changes in the roster recently, NiP would finally hold its roster. Indeed, luckeRRR and Sayf having gone to other horizons, the Swedish team had already recruited Jady to make up for one those departures.
Nip would therefore add Ex6TenZ to finalise its roster.

Update: it's now official, Ex6TenZ joins Ninjas in Pyjamas.

After many victories on CS:GO with teams like VeryGames, Titan or even LDLC, Ex6TenZ got started on Valorant last April.
For his debut on Riot's FPS, results were difficult to achieve in international competitions, in French teams like StartedFromCS and The Institute. However, with the latter, he came very close of a qualification for the First Strike, losing to OrglessV.

A signing at NiP would offer him the possibility of finally enjoying good performances in a major tournament. He would also have a lot to bring to his new team from his experience and his excellent lead in-game.

The complete NiP roster would therefore be composed of rhyme, CREA, chiwawa, Jady and Ex6TenZ

We're therefore waiting for an official announcement from NiP. What is certain is that the European teams have seen a number of changes since the start of the transfer window, with G2Esports, FPX, and now NiP also having its roster. Remains to be seen if that will work!