NeedMoreDM creates its own organisation, HEET

If you can't find an organisation, why not create one? The players of NeedMoreDM have decided to take their destiny into their own hands by creating HEET, their own esports organisation.

For many months now, NeedMoreDM players have been looking for an organisation capable of supporting them. Barcode, player of the team, shared his frustration with us in an interview in July. It must be said that in Europe, traditional esports organisations do not seem to be as involved in Valorant as in the United States.

So NeedMoreDM players rolled up their sleeves and created HEET, thanks to the support of various investors. They were thus able to recruit a director, a coach and managers. But above all, they can now make a living from their activity as professional players. NeedMoreDM has always been among the best European teams in Valorant, even as its players have to balance their jobs with training and tournament schedules. Freed from these constraints, they will finally be able to reveal their full potential.

Lately, the team have only participated in a few tournaments, but still have had some excellent results. They only lost to Team Heretics, current European champions following the Valorant First Strike. Theyr first matches under the HEET banner are expected to take place at the first Valorant Challengers EU.

HEET players are:

  • Kevin "Barcode" Bana
  • Gábor "crazyd33r" Német
  • Bence "hussaR" Huszár
  • Renátó "bzt" Bárányos
  • Bence "DeadFox" Böröcz