NBK lâche CS:GO pour Valorant

Nathan Schmitt, better known as NBK (or NBKing) is coming on Valorant. It's an announcement he teased for a while before unveiling a video on his Twitter account.

Of all the CS:GO players who have made the transition from Valve's FPS to Riot's FPS, few can boast the track record of NBK. This French champion started competing in 2009 and has played for many prestigious teams. He has accumulated titles and has two Major victories to his name. But as he says himself in his announcement video, NBK has won everything there is to win on CS:GO and is ready for new challenges.

In the esports scene, many CS:GO and Valorant players have welcomed this transition.

At present, NBK is not part of any team, but there is no doubt that the various organisations in the field are likely to look at it. All the more so as some, like Na'Vi, are also taking their first steps on Valorant.