Munchkin and Zepher leave Crazy Raccoon

The Japanese organisation Crazy Raccoon announced on its Twitter account that Munchkin and zepher, two of its players, left the team.

zepher was one of the original roster members, having joined the team in July 2020. As for Munchkin, he had been there since the beginning of 2021, after leaving Cloud9 Korea. Crazy Raccoon had a great season, winning almost every competition in its region, icluding the Masters 1 by beating Absolute JUPITER.

The team then qualified for the Reykjavik Masters, where they made a top 9-10. After this competition, zepherwas not seen again. He decided to retire from the esport scene to become a streamer, even though he was considered the best player of his team. This is not the first time we see a case like this, as TenZ had also made this choice in January 2021, after he felt that the online competition did not suit him.

Concerning the Japanese player, we imagine that the job of content creator was more profitable for him than that of professional player, since he still accumulates more than 33k followers on his Twitch channel.

The team went on without their star player, and qualified for the Berlin Masters, where they made a top 9-12. The international performances were a bit less good, but the roster continued to shine at the national level and was able to accumulate enough points to qualify for Valorant Champions. Unfortunately, the roster did not make it past the group stage and suffered two losses to Team Vikings and Team Secret.

Now that the season is over, it's time to reorganise for 2022 VCT. Munchkin left the team and it's not yet known where he will play next year. As for zepher, it looks like he has decided to return to professional play, as he too has left the team to join the REJECT roster, which has also recruited Reyta. So he should be a strong opponent in the Japanese VCT league.

We wish them both good luck for the future!