MTP Esport leaves the Valorant scene

Against all odds, MTP Esport announced last night on Twitter its withdrawal from the competitive scene of of Valorant.

MTP Esport is a team that has had good results in the Open Tour France, the official French circuit of Valorant. They reached the 5th-6th place in the Spring Tournament as well as the 3rd place of the Summer Tournament, en vainquant des équipes comme Alliance ou Entropiq. Grâce à ces résultats, l’équipe, ou plutôt ses joueurs, sont déjà qualifiés pour les phases finales du circuit.

However, things were more complicated on the international stage in the VCT, with a second round elimination in the Open Qualifier of the first Challengers of Phase 3 and two early losses in the Closed Qualifier of the second Challengers of the same phase. It should be noted that luck did not make it easy for them, as they fell to teams such as Team Heretics and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The organisation remained rather vague about the reasons for this separation, evoking problems linked to the still young Valorant scene. As one could expect, Killu, NRK, Kraît, LowaN and Vbbooy are looking for a new organisation to represent together, especially for the final phases of the Open Tour France, for which they are already qualified. However, the players are also open to individual proposals. In the meantime, the team will use its old name, Miracles, for its next tournaments.

The situation of the French teams

MTP Esport is not the first example of a small team struggling to survive on Valorant. Megastitut, for example, is becoming more critical than ever. The players have already announced that they will have to put an end to their ambitions on Valorant at the beginning of September, due to the lack of organisation. In fact, even some organisations are leaving the competitive scene, such as Entropiq which ended its operations on Riot's FPS at the beginning of June. 

It's a pretty worrying marker when talented teams have to stop playing due to lack of support. If this trend continues, Riot Games will have to react and review its development strategies.