Mixwell retires from the professional scene

It's the end of an FPS legend and one of the first players to make his mark on the history of Valorant : Mixwell ended his career as a professional player.

Mixwell started competing in 2012 on Counter Strike: Source before transitioning to CS:GO. He has gradually worked his way up the ladder, winning bigger and bigger tournaments on behalf of Optic Gaming. In 2020, he took the decision to officially launch himself on Valorant and became the captain of the G2 Esports team when the game was barely out of beta. It was with G2 and at the controls of his Jett that he won all the European tournaments of the Valorant IgnitionThis was the first competitive circuit to be set up before the launch of the VCT.

But his grace period came to an end when the VCT was launched in 2021, and he was never able to get his team to the top again. Worse still, G2 Esports withdrew from Valorant, prompting him to sign for a new structure. Shortly after joining Team Heretics for the 2023 season, his team finished last in the LOCK//INthe tournament bringing together all the VCT teams.

At just 27 years of age, Mixwell takes his retirement from the competitive scene. However, he remains a major figure in the FPS world, and he can put his reputation and experience to good use. on Twitchwhere he has naturally built up a huge fanbase over the years. Although he will no longer be taking part in official competitions, he will still be working for Team Heretics as a content creator.