Menace and Jangler benched by Noble

On 20th April, Jadin "Threat" Wagner and Dwayne "Jangler" Kirkpatrick announced on their respective Twitter accounts that they are being benched by Noble. It's a surprising decision, when you consider the team's recent results.

Noble made it all the way to the quarter-finals of the last NA qualifiers, knocking out On The Way and Evil Geniuses. It was difficult to go further when they encountered Sentinels, despite a respectable performance (13-6 and 13-7).

The team's assistant coach Austin "Apex" Copeland reacted by explaining that in his and head coach Andrew "aRubyz" Seewer's opinion, the team was at full strength, and that they needed to try new things to go further. The five former Phoenix1 players are therefore separated for the time being. However, it's worth nothing that the two players were not dismissed from the team, as it's often the case in the US, unlike in Europe. They are therefore still contracted with Noble, despite the fact that they can explore new options with other teams.

This sudden change of roster obviously didn't please the two concerned, who didn't fail to subtly mock their team's results at the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet in April. Indeed, Noble, now joined by Nibbler and Plat1num, lost in the round of 16 to Ookers. These spikes are likely to make relations between the two players and Noble tense, reducing their chances of re-joining the main roster. The next few weeks will surely tell us more about Menace and Jungler's future, with Noble or not.