Megastitut replaces Apo with Beyaz

The Megastitut have announced a change in their team. They lose their manager as well as a player. We learnt that Quentin and Apo are leaving.

However, the players have already found a replacement for Apo in the person of Beyaz. This French-Turkish player is one of the former CS:GO profs who have transitioned to Valorant. He is a regular on the French scene, having participated in both Valorant Open Tour France. Whether it was with the team Je t’aime de ouf or Free Sign, he qualified each time among the 32 best teams of the tournament. However, Megastitut sent Free Sign into the loser bracket, where they were able to remain for a while.

As a reminder, the players of Megastitut are struggling to find an organisation willing to support them. This is despite the fact that they are among the best in Europe and have already qualified for the final stages of the Valorant Open Tour France. It's not known if the departure of Quentin and Apo is related to this lack of funding.

That said, it's reassuring to see that the team seems to survive these departures. In his announcement tweet, iDex adds that Megastitut is still looking for new players to consolidate the team.