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Meeting with Need more DM – Road to Mandatory.GG Cup

A few days before the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup, we wanted to measure the temperature on the site of the team that will participate to the competition. After meeting Fish123, we decided to meet Barcode, captain of Need more DM, a Hungarian team looking for an organisation.

Need more DM is clearly not the best-known team, but it knows how to stand out. They qualify the hard way at most tournaments and get more than honourable scores. Public favourites, their matches are followed by hordes of fans ready to spam the team logo in Twitch chats. While other teams like Party Parrots and FABRIKEN have decided to abandon Valorant, Need More DM is holding on. We decided to bring up all of these topics with them, and the answers were, to say the least, straightforward.

Mandatory: From all the regular teams in the Ignition Series, you are one that we know the least about. Who are you and what made you build a Valorant team?

Barcode: We are 5 Hungarian guys who didn't succeed in CS:GO, or didn't get a chance to do it. So we saw Valorant as a new chance, a new beginning to build a team and well, it seems this could be our chance now.

Mandatory: Your "brand" seems managed by professionals. Your website is cool, the name of the team speaks for itself and you're followed by a large community! Your team logo is spammed on Twitch Chats every time you are playing. Where does this comes from?

Barcode:  Our branding comes from our fans. They did the website, the Twitter account, the Instagram account, our logos etc... FoDa and Tigene are big streamers here in Hungary and they have loyal fans. Also, the Hungarian community never had a chance to cheer for a top contender team in any game yet.

Mandatory: You are organisation-free and yet you are able to qualify and compete in most tournaments, and with really good results on top of that. How do you explain organisations having troubles signing teams in Europe, especially yours?

Barcode:  I guess organisations need some marketable players, or a player who's well known from before, maybe a team from the same country as the organisation, and also they don't want to risk with no-names I think.

Mandatory: Are you concerned about org-less teams like Party Parrots and FABRIKEN disbanding because they couldn't find an organisation?

Barcode:  Yeah, I'm very concerned about this, obviously everybody needs money to live, and you want to put in the time to be the best but some teams don't have the opportunity to do this full-time without money so they disband, or only a few players get picked up by organisations which is really not cool. You just end up afraid of your team getting torn apart.

Also, I really don't understand the organisations' standpoints, because if they're big, their players from other games are getting above 20k salary per month. I think they could risk a team with potential for at least 3 months for a 45k budget for the whole team and see the result. Signing players from different teams won't be good in the long run; they're a mix, maybe some players played the same role before, no synergy, language barrier, etc.

Mandatory: What do you think of the state of the Valorant scene and the Ignition Series?

Barcode: Ignition Series is a pretty good initiative from Riot, to get the game started, but I'm pretty sad about the EU scene now. In EU we have 2 organisations, in US they have around 10-12 I believe.

Mandatory: Are you confident in your chances of winning the Mandatory.GG Cup?

Barcode:  We are confident we can do well in this Ignition Series too, but we need to step things up so we are playing a whole new different line-up of characters and trying to be somewhat new with them so we'll see how it goes.

Mandatory: Is there a team you are afraid of encountering?

Barcode:  No.

Mandatory: Is there an international team you would like to play?

Barcode:  We would like to play against G2 Esports and NiP to show what we are capable of in front of organisations to maybe get picked up.

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