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Meeting with Fish123 – Road to Mandatory.GG Cup

A few days before the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup, we wanted to measure the temperature of the first edition winners. We got back in touch with Ec1s to get some news of Fish123 as the tournament approaches.

The scene has changed a lot since May. At that time, Fish123 and Prodigy were the flagship teams in Europe. But G2 Esports turned all that upside down. By recruiting Ardiis from Fish123, Mixwell and pyth from Prodigy, the balance of power has been broken. Since then, the team ofEc1s got closer to ScreaM before recruiting him in the team. Little by little, it is taking its marks and getting ready to show what it's capable of at the Mandatory.GG Cup!

Mandatory: You are the winners of the first Mandatory Cup! Are you still as confident for this tournament as you were for the first one or does it add pressure?

Ec1s: We are confident that we can win every event that we enter, I don't feel there is any added pressure on us. We hold ourselves to a high standard of course, and we want to be winning every event we play, but we know we aren't the best we can be right now. So we are still taking stuff slowly and every game is a learning process.

Mandatory: Since Ardiis left the team, we could see you play with ScreaM. Sometimes under the name Fish123, sometimes under the name Prodigy. How did you guys started playing together?

Ec1s: Well, ardiis left to join with G2 with pyth and Mixwell at the time, so that left the old Prodigy mix down a few players and at the time us and Prodigy were #1 and #2 in Europe, so it made sense for both parties as ScreaM's mix had fallen apart and we were looking for a 5th.

We played together for the first time in the G2 EU Brawl 2, as my agent Jerome asked for me and Ardiis to play with ScreaM in the Prodigy mix for that event. It went really well, we won the whole event and had a lot of fun doing so, so I guess that gave a good impression on him for the rest of fish123 as well.

Mandatory: Your team spirit and vision seemed really strong when Ardiis was with you. Did you have to change your strategies and your game plan since his departure?

Ec1s: We have had to change a LOT with the departure of Ardiis. Many players are having to change their roles and agents where they are not familiar with them so its a big learning curve for all of us. This, I'd say, was a factor to why we struggled initially when we played with ScreaM vs HyP and PartyParrots as we were uncomfortable in our roles at the time and we performed quite poor.

Ardiis always has great spirit especially on stream, it gives him so much energy. We have good chemistry with ScreaM, in practise and tournaments, we are laughing and having a great time still but its definitely not as energetic as Ardiis was. That's hard to match ahah

Mandatory: What are the team you are the most afraid of in this tournament?

Ec1s: We aren't afraid of any team in the world. If you are wanting to be a top top team, you can never be afraid of your opponents and I'm glad to say we are following this so far. We are confident in ourselves and we know we can beat anyone on our day.

Mandatory: What do you think of the state of the Valorant scene and the Ignition Series?

Ec1s: I think the Ignition Series is a great idea. It's giving us consistent tournaments to be playing vs the top teams in Europe which is great for the development of our team, as well as it gives people the chance to watch top tier Valorant regularly which can only benefit the growing esports scene.

Mandatory: Is there an international team you would like to play against?

Ec1s: I'd really like to play vs TSM. They seem like a great team and are dominating NA at the moment, I'd honestly be up for trying to practise some American teams if the ping wasn't that bad maybe. If it was below 100, it could be viable.

I think it could be a good learning process to play versus a wide variety of styles and can open up our mind to new ideas and ways to play. But I imagine that we are going to have to wait for the first LAN event before we can face any American team just yet.

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