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Meddo and Davidp soon Giants?

The transfer window was in full swing at the end of the year. The latest rumour so far is said to be a potential transfer of Meddo and Davidp in Giants.
Indeed, after the First Strike, Meddo and FPX decided to part ways by mutual agreement. Around the same time, G2 Esports benched Davidp, giving the Belgian player the opportunity to explore other avenues.
Neither player had been involved in rumours until today.

The Giants' organisation could be tempted by the idea of replacing its current team composed of: Fit1nho, Yurii, donQ, jonba and eXerZ. Indeed, this line-up didn't really perform during the the Ignition Series and therefore didn't qualify for the First Strike.
LozaRk (the esports manager of the Spanish organisation) and pipsoN (player of the team Orgless) would be in contact. A screenshot of the pipsoN live showing a Discord conversation with LozaRk has been posted on Twitter.

As we know, Orgless is one of the teams most closely watched by organisations. However, with the recent departure of delezyh, things got more complicated. But Giants seems very interested in the Orgless' roster and could therefore make it its next team on Valorant.

But it doesn't end there. Indeed, the screenshot also lets appear potential transfers. The discussion spells out the possible arrival of Meddo in the team with a small mention of Davidp. The above conversation, between Meddo and pipsoN, would show that the former FPX player seems determined to join Orgless.

As a result, Giants could take advantage of this by taking back the Orgless team and adding Meddo and potentially Davidp to it.


However, nothing is certain, this remains speculations. Will Giants really get Team Orgless back? Will Meddo and Davidp really join Giants? We are awaiting official sources to know whether or not these transfers will take place.