Masters 1: Teams directly qualified for the playoffs

In every region of the world, the Challengers have ended and we now know the names of the twelve qualified teams for the Masters 1 Reykjavik. Among them, four teams are exempt from the group stage and are directly qualified for the playoffs.

These teams have not been chosen at random, they are n°1 seed of the regions that have more than one slot for the Masters. This concerns EMEA, NA, APAC and Brazil/LATAM. As a result of the recent finals, the teams that will not go through the group stage are the following:

Logo of the G2 Esports structure.
G2 Esports (EMEA)
Logo of The Guard.
The Guard (NA)
Logo of the Paper Rex structure.
Paper Rex (APAC)
Logo of the LOUD structure.
LOUD (Brazil)

G2 Esports, The Guard and Paper Rex all finished in first place in the Challengers in their region and naturally qualified. For LOUD, the selection was a bit more complicated and caused a lot of misunderstandings on social networks.

Indeed, the regions Brasil and LATAM each obtained a slot for the Masters and then competed for a third place. LOUD (Brazil) and KRÜ Esports (LATAM) were the respective seed 1 for these regions and thus qualified for the event. There was still one slot left to take. The seed 2 from both regions, Leviatham Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas, competed to determine who would go to the Masters. A win for either of them would also determine which seed 1 would be guaranteed a place in the playoffs. At the end of the match, NIP won. Being a Brazilian team, LOUD pre-qualified for this phase of the competition.

These teams will then be joined by four others, the best at the end of the group stage. To find out which of these teams will make it to the playoffs, see you on 10th April on the Valorant Twitch channel to follow the first Masters of the year.

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