Masters 1 Reykjavik – G2 Esports and LOUD qualify for the semi-finals

The playoffs of the Masters 1 Reykjavik began on Thursday 14th April with the quarter-finals. At the end of these first matches, two teams managed to get through to the next round to qualify for the semi-finals, and it's G2 Esports and LOUD. We give you a recap of this first day of playoffs.


The encounter between G2 Esports and ZETA DIVISION opened this playoff phase. While the Japanese team finished second in their group in the previous phase, the European team was playing its first match. Indeed, as EMEA seed 1, the roster had qualified directly for the quarter-finals.

The match started on Split and ZETA DIVISION quickly secured the first two rounds. G2 Esports then won the next three and the teams tied the score in round 6, 3-3. However, the Europeans proved slightly more dominant than their opponents and were leading 7-5 at half time. Once they went on the attack, the G2 players stepped up their game. Although the Japanese won two rounds with a quadra kill and an ace, they conceded six. The first map ended with a victory for the Europeans, 13-7.

The second map of the match was chosen by G2 Esports. It was Bind, a map on which they remain undefeated since the beginning of the season. This time it was they who opened the scoring and won the first two rounds, then conceded the next three. Thanks to a great deal of work by Dep, Laz and tenin the first phase of play, ZETA DIVISION won 7-5. The Japanese players tried to play much more aggressively once they were on the attack, but they were met with a solid defense from G2 and in particular from hoody and m1xwell who were exemplary. ZETA quickly lost its lead and the Europeans won almost all the rounds of the second phase of the game. They thus completed the map 13-10 and qualified for the semi-finals.

LOUD VS Team Liquid

After KRÜ Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas were eliminated in the group stage, LOUD was the last team in the tournament representing South America. The Brazilians entered the competition against Team Liquid.

On Icebox, the Europeans got off to an explosive start with two quadra kills in a row, one from Nivera and the other from Jamppi. This allowed them to win the first two rounds. However, LOUD immediately responded by securing the next five rounds. The Brazilians were very aggressive during this first phase of the game and led 7-5 at half time. The second half of the game went the same way. Liquid took the lead before being stopped by LOUD. The latter sealed the score 13-10 on this first map.

The second map, Haven, was a fast-paced affair, ending in just 37 minutes. Team Liquid did not give their opponents any breathing space, continually catching them off guard. They went on a very aggressive assault and were leading by a large margin 10-2 at the change of ends. LOUD then won only one round and the Europeans quickly put an end to the map by winning 13-3. We note here an explosive performance by the Belgian brothers Nivera and ScreaM.

The third and final map of the meeting was Ascent, on which LOUD was undefeated in Brazil. Just like on Icebox, Liquid won the first two rounds and then let itself be dominated by her enemies. Nevertheless, Jamppi had not said his last word and was extremely aggressive, so that the score was 6-6 at half time. The last phase of play was tight at first, but LOUD eventually took the lead to bring the Liquid to their knees. The latter finally lost 13-10 against the Brazilian team, which thus qualified for the semi-finals.

After these victories in the quarter-finals, LOUD and G2 Esports will compete on Saturday 17th April at 7pm, to determine which of the two will get a place in the final. For ZETA Division and Team Liquid, both teams switch to Lower Bracket and have no room for error. They will play a match on 16th April at 7pm in an attempt to stay in the competition.

To follow the event, please visit the official Twitch channel of Valorant.

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