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Mandatory LockDown, our lockdown tournaments

In this period of lockdown, we would all like to find our loved ones, stroll along the Christmas markets, play sports in the forest. But how can you miss this perfect opportunity to spend your time at Valorant?! For several weeks now, Mandatory.GG has been organising Mandatory LockDown, weekly community tournaments to make you spend evenings with Valorant fans.

The Mandatory LockDown is open to all teams which wish to participate in a tournament, without pressure or stakes, but real coaching. Whether you want to test your level, keep your team in shape or just have a good time, we are happy to welcome you every Thursday evening, from 6pm. Registrations are made on our Discord, from Monday to Thursday.

If you don't feel like playing, but viewing, know that the matches are broadcast and commented on Dfuse's channel. Kiiper0ne and his acolytes will make you follow the competition. This is your chance to shine in public and benefit from the advice and insight of analysts who are used to covering Valorant.

Many French-speaking teams come to participate in the event every week. Previous editions have been won by Badturtles, ECM FCG ESports and Akademus Esports. This Thursday, we will have the pleasure to see Akademus Esports, Yendez (Team Jbzz!) and Team HorYJin participate in our tournament.

We intend to maintin these tournaments throughout the lockdown, in order to offer you something to entertain your long evenings. So don't hesitate to come take a look, or even better, to participate.