Mandatory is growing

The Mandatory website is approaching its 3rd birthday! Three years rich in esport and experience that pushes us to introspection. Because the scene has changed a lot during this period and we have learned a lot.

While the esport world is shaken by inter-structure scandals, burn-outs or non-payments, we are more aware than ever of the importance of having a solid foundation for carry out a long-term project to do well. We want to take the time to do things right, even if it means moving more slowly than others, to ensure a healthy working environment. Therefore, we believe that it is our responsibility to create the necessary conditions for young players to gradually learn to grow up.

This led to a simple realisation: the war hammer is too aggressive and violent a symbol and no longer truly represents our ambitions. That is why we are scrapping it and equipping ourselves with a brand new tool: the Shovel ! With this Shovel, we are planting today the small seeds that will become the strong trees of tomorrow.

New tool, new discipline

As such, we are launching our third Mandatory team today. We are very proud to announce that Mandatory will participate in the next FSLWC: the Farming Simulator League World Championship.

Our players are none other than HyP, AKUMAAAAA, Goaster, TheBigFiz and kAdavra.

Mandatory answers the shovel - mandatory team farming simulator 01 -

They themselves expressed the need to regularly reconnect with nature and simple pleasures. In between gruelling splits of Valorant, our players were already in the habit of launching games of Farming Simulator to relax. So it seemed only natural to accompany them on this new adventure.

Our coaches, menegh and CREA^, have undergone intensive training at some of the most renowned nurseries in Europe. They recently invited the players to join them in the art of cutting and weaving wicker baskets.

Mandatory answers the shovel - mandatory team farming simulator 02 -

It's really good to get some fresh air. We had kind of lost that habit from playing Valorant. I'm glad Mandatory is giving us this opportunity. We would love to be joined by the World of Warcraft team, but they probably have their own vision of what farming is.

menegh, coach of the Valorant team
Farming Simulator team member
and French champion of cabbage planting.

Come and support the team and our efforts

To celebrate this change of direction, we will be planting a tree seed in front of our premises in a few days. We will then make sure that we nurture and maintain this new symbol of life until it grows into a stately and robust tree. And we can already announce holding the first ever ShovelTime.

Mandatory answers the shovel - mandatory team farming simulator shoveltime -

We look forward to seeing you 21st March 2073, on the spring day of the next half-century, so that you can come and celebrate the longevity of the Manda-tree with us!

The ticket office is already open.