Mandatory, CGN, beGenius and Valorians join the French Cup

The Valorant French Cup was unveiled in early July. The competition will feature sixteen teams from different backgrounds. Some of them are from the ex-LRVs, while others will qualify thanks to selective phases. The first participating teams are now known. The first participating teams are now known, the new Mandatory roster will have to face the beGenius, the Valorians and the CGN players.

Presentation of the teams

Logo - Mandatory

Mandatory : Our team has made its entry into the Valorant competitive scene during the Split 1 of the VRL France: Revolution. After an initial set-up period, the team rose to become one of the best teams in France during the second Split. With 12 wins and only 6 losses, our players qualified for the playoffs, reaching the semi-final against MAD Lions. The new roster, composed of TheBigFiz, Babax, Akumaaaaa, HyP and Goaster, is ready to fight for the title of French champion!

CGN - Logo

CGN Esports: The CGN Esports come straight from the German League. This team launched on Valorant in 2021 with the LVP Gaming tournaments. During this first year of competitions, the roster finished second in the Razer Invitational Europe, notably. In the VRL DACH, the team performed well in both splits. In the VRL DACH, the team performed well in both splits, achieving 6th and 7th place.

Mandatory, CGN, beGenius and Valorians, join the French Cup - mandatory esports team logo valorians -

Valorians : This team is better known as Atletec. This roster participated in the Valorant Open Tour France 2022, in which they made a name for themselves. By finishing in the TOP8, the Valorians even qualified for the finals and took second place. These results allowed them to reach the promotional tournament for the VRL. Once again, the team proved to be strong, reaching the final after reassembling the entire lower bracket.

beGenius - Logo

beGenius : The beGenius team first tried the VCT adventure, before joining VRL France for the first Split. The team stood out for its its good results, finishing in 3-4th position. At the next Split, the team managed to qualify the playoffs. After a final match against the Karmine Corp, the roster finished in 5th-6th place. TheBigFiz, new player of Mandatory, is an ex-beGenius. The matches promise to be very exciting!

The competition will start on 27th October and run until 11th December. We look forward to seeing you on ZeratoR's Twitch channel to follow all Mandatory matches!