Magnum renews his contract with Fnatic until 2024

Late last week, Fnatic renewed the contract of Magnum until 2024, making it one of, if not the longest contract ever signed on Valorant.

Magnum was recruited last April together with Derke, shortly after the departure of tsack and Moe40. The player, who just turned 20, plays mainly Sentinels like Killjoy and Cypher, but also Initiators like Skye or Breach. He is therefore an important part of the team.

This announcement comes after the team lost 3-2 to Team Liquid during the EU Challengers 2, preventing Fnatic from qualifying for the Playoffs and thus depriving them of a potential spot at the Berlin Masters.

Despite this result, the organisation chose to trust its player and renewed his contract for another 3 years. CoJo, Fnatic's team manager, said on Twitter that Magnum is a key part of the team, both in and out of the game.

This contract renewal proves that Fnatic is investing heavily in Valorant. This is good news and another step towards a more professional competitive scene for Riot's FPS, which is much needed, especially in France. From now, Magnum will have to continue to prove that he deserves this contract and reach new trophies for Fnatic!