Lyon e-Sport 2022 Teams

During the end of the year, you will be able to admire all the talent of Mandatory: during the French Cup first, and then during the Lyon E-Sport. This second competition will perhaps be the scene of a mythical confrontation between our players of the Mandatory team and their CEO, since ZeratoR will also participate in the tournament with his own team.

The Lyon E-Sport promises to be a very intense and unique event for the French Valorant scene. It is the very first LAN on the game in France and many great teams will participate.

The Mandatory team will of course be there, between two matches of the Valorant French Cup. This will be the opportunity to watch our players' matches live and to see them progress in a tournament full of stars, some of them international. Indeed, among the teams present at the Lyon E-Sport, we can find the Karmine Corp, but also the KOI of Ibai.

That's the beauty of Lyon E-Sport too, as teams with more modest ambitions will also be watching. At the last ZEvent, one of ZeratoR's donation goals meant participating in the Lyon E-Sport if it was reached. Unsurprisingly, the threshold in question has been largely exceeded. He will therefore take part in the competition with his strong team, Mandatorire. It is alongsideAPO, Jbzz, MoMaN and Twiks, that atoR will try to win the title.

However, our players will have many other opponents to defeat to take the trophy, as there are 64 participating teams, with both professional and amateur players. Among them, here are the ones to watch out for:

  • Karmine Corp: The structure made a smashing entry on Valorant during the Split 2 of the VRL France. The players performed very well and won a TOP3/4. Next year, the organisation will join the top league for the VCT 2023. Until then, we can't wait to see a Classico again!
  • Sector One : During the first split of the VRL France, Sector One dominated and even won against BDS in the Grand Final.
  • beGenius : After having tried to enter the VCT 2022, beGenius joined the VRL France during the first Split. The team stood out for its good performance, finishing in 3-4th position.
  • CGN Esports : Team from Germany, it finished second in the Razer Invitational Europe in 2021. CGN also participated in the two VRL Dach splits, taking 6th and 7th place.
  • Bonk : : Bonk was very active in the first year of competitions, and had made a name for itself in several tournaments, such as the Cup and the Asbolutes Masters.

Akumaaaaa, Hyp, Goaster, Babax and TheBigFiz may also have to deal with Zerance and Valorians, both very good teams from the Valorant Open Tour France 2022 and are also participating in the French Cup. In addition, the competition will host KOI, which is one of the teams selected for the VCT 2023 in the EMEA region. This tournament promises to be intense and electric!

The event will take place on 11th, 12th and 13th November next at the Lyon Convention Centre. Online ticketing will be buyable soon. If you want to come and cheer your favourite team, stay tuned!