Shopify Rebellion are the 2023 Valorant World Champions

This weekend, the players from Shopify Rebellion won out against Team Liquid Brazil during the final of the Game Changers Championship 2023. In doing so, they have written their name into the history of Valorant esports, and become the second World Champions after G2 Gozen.

Shopify Rebellion acquires Version1

In 2022, Shopify Rebellion was undoubtedly one of the best women's teams in the world. Lorri, bENITA, flowerful, sonder and KP reached the final of every North American Game Changers tournament, before reaching the Grand Final of the World Championship. At the time, the roster narrowly missed out on the title, defeated by determined G2 Gozen.

This year, the team performed less well - despite the various changes made - and failed to qualify for the Game Changers Championship; at the end of October, the group even parted company with its players. However, Shopify did not leave the Valorant scene - quite the contrary.

After several weeks of reflection, the company unveiled its new representatives, alexis, florescent, meL, Noia and sarah, exs-Version1. The latter dominated the NA circuit in 2023, winning the first and second tournaments and finishing TOP2 in the last.

Not only has Shopify Rebellion got its hands on a solid, experienced team, but it's also got its hands on a great team, the group has acquired its slot for the World Championship. And in this new Game Changers Championship, meL and his acolytes have created some sparks!

A spectacular Final

The final of the Game Changers Championship pitted two teams with different histories against each other. On one side were Shopify Rebellionwho won her place after a perfect run. For the record, they defeated Chao Hui EDG, then BBL Queens before beating G2 Gozen. On the other side were Team Liquid Brazilwhich went up the whole loser bracketeliminating EG GC, Team SMG and G2 Gozen in the process. With these two teams, the game promised to be very interesting.

Map scores

And what a final it was! The ten players gave us a high-flying match. A perfect scenario for history and for the spectators, it took not three, not four, but three! five maps to decide between them.

Fun fact: the Haven battle lasted no less than an hour and thirty-nine minutes, while the Breeze game ended after just thirty-seven minutes of play.

The maps for the 2023 Game Changers Championship Final.

Shopify R. 14 - 12 Team Liquid B.

Shopify R. 11 - 13 Team Liquid B.

Shopify R. 13 - 5 Team Liquid B.

Shopify R. 7 - 13 Team Liquid B.

Shopify R. 13 - 6 Team Liquid B.

Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid took it in turns to claim victory, to the frenzied applause of the crowd. After just over four hours and thirty minutes of fierce combat, alexis, florescent, meL, noia and sarah were crowned 2023 world champions.

The best actions of the Final

Florescente, the rising star

Last year, Mary, the G2 Gozen prodigy, was awarded the title of MVP of the final. This year, it's Florescentthe Shopify Rebellion star who received this award. The two aces you saw above probably had something to do with it.

Between the start of the tournament and the final match, Florescente simply excelled. Against Chao Hui EDG, she had already distinguished herself by reaching 400 ACS on Haven, a record score in a Game Changers tournament.

And in the final, the Shopify player broke other records. Not only did she accumulate 35 eliminations on Haven - the most kills in a single map - but it also achieved 112 eliminations in totalwhich is the most in the women's circuit to date.

Needless to say, Florescente will be one to watch (very) closely in 2024. We can't wait to see her in action again!