Valorant French Cup 2023 teams

Initially, the French Cup in 2023 was to welcome a total of fourteen teams. In the end, however, only twelve teams competing for the title of French Champion held by Mandatory. Some come from the VCL, others from the Benelux circuit, and still others from the Open Qualifier. We present them to you in this article.

French Cup Group A teams

Team Logo - Mandatory
Mandatory (VCL France)
Team logo - Joblife
Joblife (VCL France)
Logo Team - Akroma
Akroma (VCL France)
Team logo - Colors Esport
Colors Esport (Open Qualifier)
Logo Team - Exalty
Exalty (Open Qualifier)
Logo Team - Ginger Supremacy
Ginger Supremacy (Summer Trial mountain bike)

Mandatory : Reigning champions, our team is one of the favourites for the 2023 French Cup. Over the course of the season, our players distinguished themselves by reaching the Challengers Final twice. AKUMAAAAA, Hyp, TheBigFiz, Goaster and SoOn, our new recruitare determined to repeat last year's feat. To achieve this, they will be benefiting from the sound advice of Crea^ and Féfé, the new coach.

Joblife : Last December, Joblife announced that it would be joining the French Challengers in 2023. its first roster in January. While the players only managed 5th/6th place in the first segment, they were more successful in the second and climbed onto the third step of the podium.

Akroma : Akroma joined the French Valorant scene last April by signing former BeGeniuses players. Between the cessation of their former club's sporting activities and changes in structure, the season was not an easy one. At the first VCL France split, they finished 7th. In the second, they finished eighth. This French Cup could be the opportunity to end the season on a positive note.

Colors Esport : After winning the second stage of VALOTF 2023, Colors Esport players have once again reached the playoffs in several other segments. However, it was by emerging winners of the Open Qualifier that they have qualified for this French Cup. They're obviously determined to show what they can do.

Exalty : Exalty is a well-known sports club in France. It has been competing on Valorant since 2021. This year, its team has made a name for itself through various stages of the VALOTF, but also and above all by via the Open Qualifier, where she finished third.

Ginger Supremacy : The members of Ginger Supremacy, meanwhile, come straight from the Benelux circuit. In 2023, they won the Valorant King Cupbefore winning brilliantly at the Summer Trinity Trials. In this competition, they have conceded just one card. Don't underestimate them.

French Cup Group B teams

Logo Team - Zerance
Zerance (VCL France)
Team Logo - Valiant
Valiant (VCL Polaris)
Team logo - 3D Max
3D Max (Relegation)
Logo Team - Cicadas Gaming
Cicadas Gaming (Mountain Bike Summer Trial)
Valorant - valorant team logo to be determined 1 - 2023 French Cup teams
Family (Relegation)
Valorant - valorant team logo to be determined 1 - 2023 French Cup teams
All Aim (Summer Trial mountain bike)

Zerance : In the Challengers France, Babax and his cohorts put up a good fight. In the first split, they finished third in the regular season and 3/4th in the final standings. In the following split, they narrowly missed out on the play-offs, but ended up finishing another 3/4th. With its brand new rosterZerance is aiming to become one of the top teams in the French Cup.

Valiant : The Valiants were just as good. In Split 1, they qualified for the play-offs and reached the semi-finals. At the end of this first segment, they were third overall. In the next split, they managed to stay among the teams qualified for the play-offs. This time, however, they were knocked out in the quarter-finals. Nevertheless, they showed some very good performances throughout the season. There's no doubt that they could surprise more than a few people in this French Cup.

3D Max : The 2023 season was a particularly complicated one for the 3D Max structure. The results were not particularly convincing in Split 1 (last place with 4 wins and 14 losses in the regular season), the roster has been completely overhauled. This new team achieved similar results to its predecessor, except that it finished ninth overall. However, by finishing second in the Relegation tournamentThey have earned a place in the French Cup.

Cicadas Gaming : This newly-formed team is already making its mark in the Valorant competition. Cicadas Gaming won second place in the Open Qualifierby comfortably winning both his quarter-final and semi-final matches.

Family : Family has acquired its slot for the French Cup by winning the Relegation tournamentagainst 3D Max. At the time, they were playing for F9 Hétic. During the season, they had already proved their worth by winning the sixth VALOTF course.

All Aim : This year, All Aim's representatives finished 3/4th in the Valorant King Cup and reached the Final of the Summer Trinity Trials. Although they lost to Ginger Supremacy, they are still some of the best players in the Benelux.

To follow the whole competition, go to the Twitch channel of Valorant France. To follow the matches of Mandatory, we invite you to visit ZeratoR's Twitch channel.