France's SoOn team qualifies for the Spike Nations playoffs

Since 8 November, the French team of Spike Nations, including SoOnThe French team will be taking on the other nations in the International Phase matches. Thanks to their excellent results in the tournament, the French have secured a place in the semi-finals in Madrid.

This year, the Spike Nations is divided into in three main phases. The first was to determine who would be the final representatives of each nation. On the French side, they were Lux9, Veqaj, Bramz, SoOn, Nelo and Nami selected by Tomy and the coaches.

In the second round, each nation competes against all the other participants in BO1. At the end of the five matches, the four top-ranked teams clinch their playoff slot. This stage began last week and is still in full swing.

The French team performed extremely well, winning firstly 13-5 against Spain, before defeating the United Kingdom on the same score. Last night, SoOn and his cohorts beat Italy 13-10. Even if there is still matches to playWith Germany and Spain yet to win a single match, France have already secured their place in the last eight. their place in the final phase of the tournament.

Turkey also beat its first three opponents and will therefore be one of the four semi-finalists. For the record, the semi-finals and final will take place in physics during the Gamergy, in Madrid, on 16 and 17 December.