The new Gen.G roster for the VCT 2023

Gen.G is one of the ten teams that have been selected to play in the VCT next year in the Pacific region. As a result, of the changes have been made among its players in order to be competitive with the best teams, such as DRX or Paper Rex.

Gen.G is a team of mid-table who had a pretty good, but not exceptional, 2021 season. His roster went top 5-6 on almost all Challengers, but stood out at the North American Masters 1 by securing a top 3. However, his performance did not allow him to go to the Valorant Champions, as he once again stopped on a top 5-6 in the Last Chance Qualifierafter being defeated by Cloud9.

After making some changes to his players, Gen.G tried to qualify for the 2022 VCT but failed twice by being Eliminate very quickly in Open Qualifier 1 and 2 of each split. As a result, the team has had very little international exposure over the past year. However, on 30 September, Riot Games announced that it was now part of the teams that will play in the Pacific League for the VCT 2023.

Following this announcement, it was imperative for Gen.G to recruiting the best possible players. This is why the entire roster has been revised and has just been revealed on the structure's social networks.

Welcome to k1Ng, iNTRO, TS, eKo, Secret and Meteor, as well as lease as a coach and Elmapuddy as head coach. All of these players have already performed at a high level, including k1Ng who had an outstanding season in 2021 with the Vision Strikers.

We therefore hope that this new roster will allow Gen.G to position itself among the best teams in its league and we wish them good luck.