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Laink, Terracid and Hugo Délire will comment on the Valorant Grand Invitational

The Grand Festival Gaming has started! Among the various events, there's of course the final of the Valorant Grand Invitational ! After a weekend of confrontations between the different French-speaking personalities, there are only two teams left: the Team Jbzz and Team Fearoth.

These two teams won over Skyyart and Mickalow last week. They also proudly fought during this second week of the Valorant First Strike. The show should therefore be there!

To comment on this top final, we can count on the energy of the trio Laink, Terracid and Hugo Rant. They'll comment on the final live this Saturday 21st September, from 1pm. A trio to make us live the match in a good mood.

The final will be broadcast on the channel of Wankil Studio, but also on the official esports channel of the Grand Gaming Festival. This is the channel on which you'll find all of this online festival's esports events.

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