Turkey wins Spike Nations 4

The final phase of Spike Nations 4 took place on Saturday 16 December at the Gamergy conference in Madrid. Representatives from Turkey beat Italy in the semi-final, before defeating the United Kingdom in the final to claim the title. Efficient and precise, they didn't lose a single map in the tournament.

Spike Nations 4 kicked off almost two months ago, with a first stage to determine the representatives of each nation. At the end of the selection showmatch, Izzy, Muj, schnellAE, glovee, ip0TT and Smurfette have been selected for the Turkish team. And let's face it, GAIS, zGGr and cigdemT, the team's coaches and ambassadors, made the right choice!

The Turkish run during the second phase of the tournament can be summed up quite simply: it was perfect! Muj and his cohorts won it all: five matches, five wins. They even crushed Spain 13 to 2 and defeated Germany 13 to 6 in the process. At the head of the competition, Turkey was of course qualified for the semi-finalswhich were being played live from the Gamergy in Spain.

Muj, Smurfette, Izzy, glovee, ip0TT and schneelEA went unbeaten in the play-offs, winning their semi-final against Italy 2-0 (13-9 on Lotus and 14-12 on Ascent). Izzy with his Jett and Reyna was decisive and was also awarded the title of MVP of the match. Of particular note were his second quadrakills on Ascent. Thanks to this, Turkey has secured its place in the final.

The Turks hit the nail on the head again in the final match of the Spike Nations and did not concede a map to the United Kingdom. They first established themselves 13 to 9 on Haven, before taking Split 14 to 12 to extra time. Izzy once again showed what he was capable of, but at the end of the match, it was well and truly glovee who was voted MVP. At the same time, it has to be said that the player was decisive on a number of occasions, in addition to securing several important disposals. We also salute the efficiency of Lime on the English side. With his Killjoy, he gave his opponents a hard time on Haven and racked up a string of multikills!

Finally, Turkey emerges victorious from this edition without losing a single game. So it's a richly deserved victory. Hats off to them! Despite a fine run in the previous phase, the Frenchhad to be content with fourth place after their semi-final defeat.