KCorp launches on Valorant and joins VRL for Split 2

This is probably one of the most anticipated announcements from the public and gamers alike; the Karmine Corp is finally launching on Valorant. It will make its debut directly in VRL France for this Split 2, as the tenth and last team to join the French circuit. We will finally know who will be the Hammer of Mandatory or the Blue Wall KCorp is the most resistant.

The team is composed of French 100% players (which is not necessarily the case for all VRL France teams). The KCorp has therefore recruited Jonatahn "TakaS" Paupard, who performed with the Opportunists and Team BDS alongside AKUMAAAAA. The team also has Ryad "Shin" Ensaad, who has long been a brother-in-arms of Goaster, with whom he won the first VRL France split at Sector One. KCorp also approached two WYLDE players, Alexis "Newzera" Humbert and Michael "mikee" Lim. Their last player, Amine "Amilwa" Saidi, has worked for a number of teams, including Team Heretics.

As for the coaching staff, KCorp has hired the former Vitality staff. It is therefore Arthur "pm" Guillermet and Ahmed "ZE1SH" El Sheikh who will be supervising the new team.

In other words, KCorp is hitting hard for its entry into the French VRL. It remains to be seen if they can repeat the success of their League of Legends team. Count on us to stop them!

VRL resumes on Monday 9th May, starting at 6pm. With each team playing every day, you will be able to see the first steps of the KCorp as well as our new team. Be there!