Karmine Corp separates itself from its players and lets them explore their options

To say that the first season in VCT of the Karmine Corp was a failure would be an understatement. Between disappointing resultsWith the departure of a player and the various Twitter/X dramas surrounding ScreaM's messages, the structure found itself in a downward spiral. So it comes as no surprise to learn that Karmine Corp is parting ways with most of its players.

The news of the end of the team, if not the end of their contracts with the club, came via the social networks of the various players.

Negotiations are still ongoing between the players and the team, if we are to be believed ZE1SHHowever, all the players and the coaching staff seem to be open to new offers. It should be noted that ScreaM talks about the fact that it was Karmine Corp staff who informed him that he should explore his options.

In the case of ScreaM, he says he is ready to play for any VCT team (not VCL) and give it everything he's got to bounce back and win. This statement comes a month after ScreaM hinted at a potential departure from the Valorant scene to embark on a new FPS, which we imagine to be Counter-Strike 2, probably in the throes of disappointment after the final defeat at VCT 2023.

Whatever the case, Karmine Corp still has a slot in the VCT EMEA. It therefore has a few months to completely restructure its Valorant department in the hope of showing a better face during the 2024 season. As for the KC's current Valorant team, it should still be able to play. at KCX3on 16 September at Bercy. A last chance to shine, in front of an audience of devoted fans.