Kova Esports joins the Valorant scene

The first year of the VCT is coming to an end on Valorant, and some organisations are taking advantage of it to prepare for the next one. This is notably the case of KOVA Esports, which announced its roster very recently.

Valorant has been around for over a year now, and we have been observing the scene carefully and waiting for the right moment. The right moment has come and we are happy to announce our VALORANT roster.

KOVA Esports

In official statement, we understand that the roster was supposed to join another organisation initially. Unfortunately, this opportunity did not materialize and the team split out of obligation. Nevertheless, the 5 players were determined to play together, and this is now a reality thanks to KOVA Esports.

The organisation can count on experienced players who have already played together in competition, under the name HSDIRR, an org-less team that has split and revived several times. They won the Versus Legends #2. Although Shed was not part of the team at that time, he already fought alongside vicious at NoPoaching. Moreover, JESMUND, the captain, has evolved for several months in Vitality, a team with which he finished 3rd at the Spring Qualifier of the Valorant Open Tour France.

The team has a lot of potential and KOVA Esports General Manager Timo Tarvainen is looking forward to seeing them in action.

I’m extremely excited we now have an international roster in Valorant consisting some of the top dogs in both Finland and Sweden. Can’t wait to see these guys perform on the server.

Timo Tarvainen

Timo Tarvainen will not have to wait long to see the skills of his players as they compete in the ICEBOX Northen Classic Qualifier which starts today.

It is more than likely that KOVA will not be the last team to join the Valorant scene by the end of the year. With all the new challengers coming in and many of the existing teams being reshuffled, the next edition of the VCT promises to be an exciting one!